Test Patterns

Gallery 415, Durban, South Africa

Artist's Statement

My new show entitled Test Patterns, consists of works that are exactly that, little test pieces.

While continuing my use of layered dark and light gesso, I have been experimenting with printmaking techniques such as silkscreen and etching, and have adapted these processes to enable me to apply them to the gesso surface. Now instead of using only sand paper to reveal the image, I am using a combination of both sanding and etching to produce the marks. The silkscreen process has allowed for greater detail and the incorporation of actual objects from my home; thus an old lace cloth, the shweshwe pattern from a skirt and the handwriting from a letter all form part of the layered surface.

While my work still speaks of memory, loss and forgetting, these new works also allude to home and the literal / metaphorical patterns of our lives.


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